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*We are in-between PO Boxes right now so we can't accept any regular mail at this time. Please e-mail us if you have questions or submissions. Thanks.

Model submissions should be sent by e-mail to

Submissions must include at least two pictures in either .gif or .jpg format. The photographs don't need to be professional quality, just basic snapshots. Make sure the photographs are not too dark and that the model is clearly visible. We need to see at least one unobstructed view of the model's face and one full body view. Files must be zipped or stuffed. Full contact information should include:
Phone (note daytime or evening)
E-mail address
General location (we don't need your specific address, we just need to know what city and state).

We are currently doing shoots in the NYC and LA metropolitan areas. However, if you live elsewhere we encourage you to still submit, as we will probably expand our shooting locations in the future and we will keep your submission on file.

**PLEASE NOTE: All materials sent to Pin-Up NYC Magazine, including photographs, will not be returned. DO NOT send us anything you want back.

We are accepting article pitches and fiction submissions for review. Do not send full pieces by e-mail, please stick to a brief (1/2 page) pitch or sample. Include your contact information. Our editors will review the material and will contact you if we are interested.

All other questions or comments should be sent to:






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