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Surviving the Ramones

by DEE DEE Ramone with Veronica Kaufmann
Published by Thunder's Mouth Press

Lobotomy: Surviving the Ramones covers the life and times of everyone's favorite Ramone…DEE DEE! In his own words, Dee Dee takes you through the carnival of his so called life - from his fucked-up childhood in Berlin and Munich to his lonely, methadone-quaffing days with the Ramones and finally his post-Ramone days on the straight and narrow path to sobriety. (It didn't stay that way - unfortunately Dee Dee's life didn't have a happy ending).

The introduction to this book by Legs McNeil, co-author of Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk is reason alone to get this book, describing Dee Dee as an archetypical fuck-up whose life was hurtling towards disaster when he became side-tracked by rock & roll. Which, for Dee Dee, was both a salvation and a curse.

Dee Dee covers all the down and dirty aspects of the Ramones history. He touches the bowels of Ramone history, from the wacked out days of playing CBGB's, bizarre and violent fights with his then-girlfriend Connie, Johnny Thunders stealing his ode to heroin, "Chinese Rocks;" Sid Vicious fixing with toilet water, and the infamous Phil Spector hostage incident. However, I wish Dee Dee hit harder on it; he doesn't go into these incidents with great detail, but loosely brushes over them. But hey, it's Dee Dee Ramone! A Pulitzer Prize winning novelist he's not, but Dee Dee does an amazing job luring you into the trenches of the sex, drug and rock n' roll lifestyle.

  -- by Robyn Hale (review originally published in Fat City Magazine)


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