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Chelsea Horror Hotel

by DEE DEE Ramone
Published by Thunder's Mouth Press

Did you ever have one of those dreams where you come across all these wacky characters and bizarro places, then wake up and think, "What the fuck was that about?" If so, you should run out and grab a copy of Dee Dee Ramone's quasi-fictional punk rock novel Chelsea Horror Hotel.

Dee Dee didn't quite realize what he was getting himself into when he and his wife Barbara moved into the infamous Chelsea Hotel in NY with their dog Banfield. Dee Dee has convinced himself that they are staying in the same room where his old friend Sid stabbed Nancy, and spends most of his time trying to score drugs and walking Banfield, with whom he can magically communicate with - very son-of-samish.

Meanwhile, Dee Dee can't stand his neighbors and though he tries to shy away from violence, he still ends up in a weave of dismay and destruction. All the while Dee Dee is tormented by the living and dead demons that plague the hotel, along with the ghosts of his old dead punk rock friends Sid Vicious, Johnny Thunders and Stiv Bators... and of course Mr. Satan himself.

This book has abrupt twists and turns like a Vicodan nightmare gone horribly wrong - but I loved it! Horrifically gruesome at times, yet hysterically funny I cranked through this book like a bag of fries from McDonalds…when I got to the end I wanted more. I don't recommend this for those who have a weak stomach - but if you are looking for a great punk rock story get this now!

  -- by Robyn Hale (review originally published in Fat City Magazine)


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