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The Fad
The Fad

I happened on to The Fad by complete chance - they were playing on the same bill as a friend's band one night in May. Because I'm such a cool rocker type, I was prepared to spend the rest of the night at the upstairs bar after my pal had played and ignore this band of kids I'd never heard of. I was at the bottom of the stairs when they started playing. That's when everything changed.

These three guys delivered a type of elemental rock and roll ass-kicking that is rarely seen these days. No posing, no posturing, no bullshit, these guys just rocked. The first and easiest point of comparison is the first Jam record, though the singer claims to have never heard of The Jam until being told of the similarity. Pretty interesting, because it kind of proves a rock and roll truism: you can't learn how to rock, its got to come from the heart. With their black outfits, snappy ties, and one of the most wigged out drummers you ever will see, the only thing that will keep you from moving your ass when you see them would be your death three days previously. I was so impressed that I went to see them again six days later.

I'm pushing the live experience because their self-titled CD (available for $10.00 from doesn't come close to seeing them in person. The production is hollow, the result of a much less than helpful studio engineer who had no idea how to handle so much kinetic energy, and the album sounds a little too contained after having seen them perform. But you should still buy it, if only to familiarize yourself with their songs before treating yourself to a show. And it will be a treat. Kind of mod, VERY rock and roll (check out "No Doubt in My Mind" and their cover of Larry Williams' old blues number "Slow Down" - Jesus Christ!), I can't think of anything nearly this good out there right now.

  -- T. Barmann


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