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One Man Army
Rumors and Headlines

BYO Records

Even though this is the 3rd full-length release by San Francisco's One Man Army, it's their first release on BYO Records, and first with new drummer Chip Hanna of U.S. Bombs fame. I've listened to this CD at least 234 times and I'm not sick of it yet - it's that fuckin' good. Blending classic punk rock with straight-up rock n' roll, Rumors and Headlines is their best release to date. For the first time ever, I have four favorite songs on ONE CD (hello, I sound like I'm 16). Definitely check out the tracks "S.O.S," "All Night Long" (don't worry It's not a Lionel Richie cover), "She Wants Me Dead" and "Sleeper." But don't stop there -- this album is all killer, no filler. Kudos to One Man Army, for giving me the hope that there is at least one band still out there making good music.

  -- Robyn Hale


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