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That is, of course, unless you're looking for sex advice, love advice, or just anykinda advice. Then you'll want to be sure to ask our very own GalaXandria, Mistress of the Universe!! This lovely and galactic lady dishes out all the best advice, so be sure to e-mail her your problems so she can make it all better.

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About Us

Pin-Up NYC Magazine is an online-only magazine. Pin-Up NYC is free and here for your enjoyment. If you'd like to get involved, contact us, but please be aware that because we don't make any money, and we don't sell anything (although we may do merch in the future), we don't pay for work. Everyone who works on the magazine does so because it's fun, it's creative, and it's something they enjoy. Models, stylists, photographers and writers are free to use their work for their portfolios.

The site is not upd ated on a set schedule, we put things up when they're completed. Our reviews and interviews section are outdated right now because we've been focusing on doing a lot of new shoots. We haven't had time to do new reviews, and we haven't found people who are good and reliable enough to write for us. If you want to be a reviewer, let us know. We've got a small staff and we could use the help!

Staff you say? Who are you guys anyway?

Editor/Publisher: Margo Tiffen
That's me (I'm not going to waste time writing this in 3rd person). I handle everything from model & photographer & artist wrangling, to styling, band interviews, movie reviews, and all of the web design & development. And whatever else running an e-zine entails.

So how'd Pin-Up NYC get started?
I've been making magazines since I was about 13 and once thought I might want to do it for a living. I started getting more seriously involved in 'zines when I lived in Boston while attending Emerson College for a Writing/Lit/Publishing degree. I worked at Lollipop Magazine as an intern and eventually became Local Music Editor. When I was 19, I left Lollipop to start the punk/ska/oi 'zine Rude International with Tim Burton from the Bosstones, which had a great 5 year run. In '99 I moved back to NY, to Brooklyn (I'm from Long Island) and stopped doing Rude International, with the idea of starting Pin-Up NYC as a print magazine.
I worked for a brief stint at POPSmear Magazine as a systems administrator, but left a few months before POPSmear folded. Around that time I realized I didn't really want to do magazines for a living. Trying to make enough money off it is really fucking hard, and more importantly, turned something I loved into a stressful job. I'd been doing internet development as a day job on and off for years, so I decided to stick with that to pay my bills, scrap the idea of making Pin-Up NYC print, and launch it online. We launched in 2000.
I was right, it's way more fun as a hobby than a full-time job. I get to work with a lot of really talented people and we have a great time doing it. From the feedback we've gotten, it seems our readers enjoy the mag as much as we do! Which makes us happy. We plan to continue entertaining you for a long time to come...


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