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 The A.K.A.s

"Mainstream music fucking sucks. And when shit sucks that bad, you want to depart from it as much as possible. And some asshole playing a Moog keyboard and screaming about legwarmers is a huge departure from Mandy Moore. Though I hate all that shit, I think that had to happen. A huge subculture like that had to exist and since NY is such a fashionplate, it had to turn into something that dumb."
  - Lukas Previn




"Rancid was actually formed to give me something to do. Me and Matt to play again. We started it after I OD'd like three times, in the hospital, I was a mess."
  - Tim Armstong



 U.S. Bombs

"So Peter Pan pulls down her pants and pulls out this big strap-on dick. The big girl starts sucking on it. About this time I figure -- I'm going to go into the kitchen, grab my soda, and watch the show."
  - Kerry Bomb



 Rion Vernon

"It all started with Jessica Rabbit. Being a boy at the tender age of about 14, a voluptuous cartoon woman in the real world made my brain blow a fuse."



 Flogging Molly

"I've come from nothing in my life, but I think I'm very privileged at what I do. I play in a rock and roll band, and I go out and have a beer with me mates every night and we play the music that we love. That's all I could really ask for."
  - Dave King



 Jesse Michaels
(Operation Ivy / Common Rider)

"I'm not one of these PC punk rock purists. You know, I kind of like money. It's okay with me to make money. I like sex. I'm not completely politically correct."


 L.E.S Stitches

"I'm really good at darts and throwing knives and stuff. Just go in front of the dart board and cover your eyes with your hand."
  - Curt Stitch



 Reggae Legend Horace Andy

Horace "Sleepy" Andy Hinds holds the rare distinction of having one of the most recognizable and unusual voices in the history of Jamaican music...


 Tribute to Joe Strummer

I went over and knelt down next to Joe and showed him. He flipped through tracks and we watched the keys press themselves for awhile. When we sat back down, he said "You know, we should really flip that thing over and fucking burn it!" and flashed an impish grin at me. Yeah... there was good reason I always liked this guy.







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