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We are happy to announce the launch of two new columns! It's always good to get new perspectives and sage advice from people who know their stuff, so we've tapped experts on two of our favorite topics - sex and beauty - to share their knowledge with us. As we already have our fabulous deity the Mistress Gala Xandria to dispense sex & relationship advice from a ladies' perspective, we thought it would be good to also hear from the other side...

Our new recruit Eddie McNamara offers a guy's viewpoint on sex & relationships in his column Sleazin' in the City. We like Eddie's style - no bullshit, no filler, he just gets straight to the heart of the matter. And he has an uncanny knack for knowing how women tick (considering he's a dude). In his second installment, Your Boyfriend, My Wingman, Eddie explains why hearing "I have a boyfriend" from a girl isn't necessarily a dealbreaker, in fact, it could be an excellent opportunity.

We also have a brand new beauty advice column, Beauty Rules. Robyn Hale, who has been a contributor to Pin-Up NYC since we began, is a professional makeup artist and skincare expert. She has always given us amazingly helpful advice on beauty products and she knows tons of cool makeup tips and tricks. We thought it was about time she shared her expertise with a larger audience. If you ladies out there (and some of you guys) are as into makeup and beauty products as we are, you'll know that there are so many different options for every kind of product. It's hard to know what will work best for you, and you can't always trust mainstream magazines when you know they get money to rep the products. We are not sponsored by any companies and we are not receiving any money for product placement, so rest assured what you're getting is just straight-up, useful advice from someone who knows her stuff! Check out Robyn's newest column, where she gives us the lowdown on big, black, thick, long... lashes! Oh My... Another Mascara.


The MOTOR INN parties are on hiatus for now, but you can view Galleries from previous Motor Inn Parties here:


Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time or services for the Hurricane Katrina benefits!!
We raised over $8,000 to help Hurricane survivors!! You guys rock.

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Rion Vernon's Ever-Popular Pin-Up 'Toons


Rion gives us a new installme nt of his scintillating ladies every month. Click here to view the 'Toons Gallery.

Art Gallery


We have a brand-new artist in our Art Gallery section, Ronnie Werner! Check out his gorgeous pin-ups, as well as galleries from our other truly talented featured artists: Jorden Haley, Ed Mironiuk, Keren Richter, Krysztof Nemeth, and Dave Glass. Not to be missed...

Mistress Gala Xandria's Advice Column
Gala Xandria, Mistress of the Universe offers her galactic guidance on sex, love, and other mortal issues. This lovely deity dishes out all the best advice, so be sure to e-mail her your every little insecure problem and she'll make it all better.

Joe Strummer Tribute

R.I.P. Joe Strummer ( 8/21/52 - 12/22/02)

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